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Nenagh Hockey Club Social Media Policy

NHC’s Social Media Policy includes but is not limited to www.nenaghhockeyclub.ie; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; and Whatsapp (“NHC Social Media”).

NHC uses interactive online social media to share information, gather feedback and create a dialogue of conversation and promote the activities of NHC. We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers, and will endeavour to join the conversation where possible. However, we may not be able to reply individually to all messages or comments received.

Comments containing the following content shall not be posted on NHC Social Media:

  • Offensive or inappropriate comments
  • Obscene or racist content
  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Comments that advertise commercial products or services
  • Comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity

Any of the above posted on NHC Social Media sites or groups will be removed. NHC members shall not be entitled to use such groups to organise NHC matches and other NHC activities unless a member of the Executive Committee of NHC is a members of the said groups. Unless a member of the Executive Committee of NHC is a member of such groups the same are not official NHC groups and as such NHC takes no responsibility whatsoever for any content posted upon them.

Sufficient information to enable access to amend or vary any information on any NHC Social Media, such as User Names and Passwords including Administrator Passwords, codes and any other necessary information shall be held by the Honorary Club Secretary and the Webmaster. Other NHC officers who need to communicate with members of NHC on NHC business via Social Media are authorised to send messages or post content in accordance with this policy and will be given access to NHC Social Media in order to do so.

NHC User Names and Passwords shall only be disclosed to appropriate NHC officers and shall not be disseminated indiscriminately. The Webmaster shall attend Executive Committee meetings as an ordinary member of the committee.

This social media policy may be revised at any time. Photographs and Video usage policy Taking photographs of players and using web sites and social media to publicise Nenagh Hockey Club and visual recordings of events, games, training and coaching sessions are normal activities in club life. A common sense approach is required when deciding what may or may not be appropriate as we do not wish to prohibit the advantage that this type of media can afford the club while adhering to best practice guidelines. This document is Nenagh Hockey Club’s official guide and policy in this area. When parents/guardians register their children as a member of Nenagh Hockey Club, they are asked whether or not they give their consent for the possible taking and publication of photographs and video footage of their children in the promotion of the club and the sport and the use of such imagery in line with Nenagh Hockey Club Guidelines as outlined below:

  • All children/young people featured in recordings must be appropriately dressed.
  • The photograph or recording should focus on the activity rather than on a particular young person.
  • No personal details relating to the young person should be revealed as accompanying materials to the photograph or recorded image.
  • Clubs, coaches and volunteers are permitted to use video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid and as a means of recording special occasions. Where a recording will be published on the websites, social media or distributed to parents or children, this should be notified beforehand to the children’s officer.
  • If the club or relevant committee are unhappy with any of the material they are entitled to withdraw their consent and destroy the material involved.
  • Parents and spectators taking photographs/recordings should be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state the purpose for their photography/filming. If Club Personnel are unhappy about any matter relating to such photography the person can be asked to stop immediately.
  • Photography and the recording of images in a public place do not generally require explicit or prior consent. However if an event e.g. a game or training session is taking place, involving under age players, in a public, private or local authority venue, and if you are in charge of such an event you are obliged to request a person to stop taking photos if you feel that such action or photography may be inappropriate.
  • Group and team photographs may be taken but it is not necessary to match a player’s name. The photograph may appear with the player's name recorded underneath but need not be in the order in which they appear in the photograph.
  • It is recognised that on certain occasions individual young people may receive recognition and may be presented with an award. When this happens in the case of an under age player any such photography or recording of events that involves individual presentations should be discussed in advance of the event and agreement reached with the club, parents and the young person themselves, as to what is and what is not permitted.
  • Any instances of the use of inappropriate images should be reported to the Club’s Children’s Officer and/or Designated Person and also to the relevant statutory authorities as deemed appropriate.
  • Videoing and photography is permitted by a designated club person only - all other photography should be by request only and considered by the committee e.g. the coach can invite parents to take photos at the end of a match or at a prize giving.